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 You want to play better golf. We can help.



Every training program begins with a comprehensive movement screen developed by the Titleist Performance Institute and designed to identify deficiencies and asymmetries in your body. These hidden treasures may be contributing to swing faults and preventing you from playing your best. From this screen we will be able to generate your Golf Fitness Handicap and design a training program that will address these findings. You will be rescreened regularly to make sure that you are making progress. And that we are delivering what we've intended: To make you better at the game you love.


Training at GFLA is going to be unlike any other training experience you have ever had. We combine a variety of different training and manual therapy methods to ensure that any movement deficiencies are thoroughly addressed. Once limitations are removed we will be able to build strength onto a functional base. It's worthless to build strength onto dysfunction, so don't even ask to lift heavy things if you can't rotate your thoracic spine. Or squat. Ass-to-the-ground. Don't worry, you will understand what this means and why it matters.  Soon, you will be able to move well, move fast, and connect with the ball like never before. At GFLA we view strength as a SKILL. We want you to have fun and we want you to be strong. We also want you to reach the green and make par. You want an Eagle? It's time to make a commitment.


Chris Hook, BS, SFG, USA-W, TPI 1, TPI-FP2, TPI-GP2, FMS, PM1, DNS-Golf, NASM CPT, CES, PES, Roc-doc 2


Chris is an athlete and a perfectionist. Enough said. He will take your strength to another level and will make sure that you are safe in the process. You know that eagle you want? He wants to help you get it. And he wants you to do a handstand push up. Or four. But all jokes aside, Chris has a phenomenal eye for detail and a creative mind which means you will be changing the way you move, feeling better, and hitting the ball further in no time at all.







Kimberly Hook, MS, SFG, LMT, USA-W, TPI 1, TPI-FP2, MAT, DNS-Sport, NASM CPT, CES, PES, Roc-doc 2


Kim is strong. In fact, she's probably stronger than you are. Think you can do more pull ups? Bring your A game because she also wants you to shoot par. Or at least make a double bodyweight dead lift. Kim has an extensive background in corrective exercise and massage therapy. What does this mean? Come in feeling bad? No problem, you will leave feeling good. And you will have also lifted lots of heavy stuff.




So here's the deal: you may, or may not, be new to the whole fitness as a lifestyle movement. You know, where you train because it means you can do the things you love to do BETTER? Live LONGER? Feel INVINCIBLE? In fact, we sort of expect that you are. But we're not. Actually, we've been at it awhile, we're college educated and we've done a TON of continuing education. We've got a lot of letters behind our names to prove it. You won't see it on our business cards (because thats just too much...), but this our website, so we've listed them all. We love this stuff and we want you to love it too. And play the best golf of your life.

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