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Physical Therapy. Because Injuries Happen.



Dr. Michael Scott PT, DPT, TPI-CFGI 1, DNS-A, SFMA


Dr. Scott graduated from Northeastern University in 2009 with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Since then, he has continued his professional development by pursuing advanced training and certifications in golf fitness instruction (through the Titleist Performance Institute), Kinesio-taping, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Dynamic Neuromusuclar Stabilization, and the TRX suspension trainer.

No one expects to be injured, but let's face it, life is tough. Being an athlete is tough. Maybe it's that nagging "low back thing" that you've had for the last 10 years, or maybe you tore your rotator cuff when you wrapped your 9 iron around that tree... Whatever the case may be, we've planned for it and Mike can help you rehab it so that you can get back to doing what you love as fast as possible. And he loves deadlifts so we know you're in good hands.

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